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Lawn Spraying Services

Lawn Spraying Yorkshire

NRoSO – National register of sprayer operators
NPTC – PA1, PA6 & PA06A
Insecticides & Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Liquid Feeds and Total weed killers
The most common sprays I apply are;

Moss Killer - Spray application as it receives a total even coverage of atoms and will not blacken moss killed. It will also treat moss and fungi on hard surfaces without discolouration to paving slabs etc.

(Moss usually has two major growth periods during the year with the first invasion during the Autumn. The plant thrives over Winter and continues to produce more spores ready to germinate in the Spring. The second growth peak is in the Spring when once again spores are produced ready to germinate the following Autumn, thus continuing the cycle. Left unchecked, moss will increase, reducing the grass' ability to thrive and will eventually “choke” out the grass completely. Moss is able to lay dormant in a lawn in dry conditions for long)

Weeds - A range of herbicides for the control of many annual and perennial weeds in lawns. Often one application is sufficient however some weeds may require further treatments.

Total Weedkiller - Areas which are required to be weed free example concrete driveways, gravel areas and block paving etc to borders prior to membrane placement. Applys to both Domestic and commercial clients.

Fungi, such as; Fusarium Patch,Red Thread,Dollar Spot,Leaf Spot,Grey Snow Mould and Brown Patch can all be treated at the correct time.

Pests , Leatherjackets(Daddy longlegs) and Frit Fly can both be a major problem unless they are controlled in lawns immediately after diagnosis . Leatherjackets can cause serious damage to turf. The adult Crane flies are active in the late summer to Autumn period with each female laying about 200-300 eggs. These hatch into larvae in about 14 days and remain in the soil for about 9 months before pupating and then hatching into the next season's Crane Fly. The larvae feed on the turf (and roots) biting off stems at or just below ground level, resulting in the turf dying back, often in clumps. This leads to bare patches which are then prone to weed invasion.

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